Struggling With Those Job Interviews? We’ve Got The Answers You Need!

Does anyone else think the night before a job interview is kind of like the night before an exam? We sure do and it would be so much better if there was a handy guide you could use to prepare for any job. Well, now there is because we’ve written it. Use this guide and we guarantee you will impress any employer you meet.

Get A Good Rest The Night Before

Like an exam, sleeping before a job interview is not always easy. In fact sometimes it can be downright impossible. But you should always do your best to get a good rest before the interview. Try and practise calming techniques before you hit the hay such as controlled breathing. This will give you the best chance at getting to sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning. Also, try switching off electric devices in your room. This really does work, but for goodness sake keep your alarm on!

Dress For The Part

Shocking though it may be, some people still show up to job interviews as though they have just rolled out of bed. This is good for you because it pretty much knocks them out of the running straight off the bat. No employer is going to hire someone who looks a mess because they know employees are how customers judge their company. It just isn’t a good business move so choose your best suit, shoes and tie and brush your hair. Also, men remember to shave because while a shadow may look stylish, it does not look professional.


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Confidence Sells

You’re at the interview now, and your new potential employer is walking towards you. Smile, make eye contact and shake their hand firmly. All this shows that you have confidence but that’s not enough because you want to impress them right away. The first question they are going to ask is what makes you suited for the job, or something along those lines. This is where you immediately show the skills you have learned through training and experience. For instance, now is the perfect time to say you have a certificate in Scrum from You then should pinpoint a specific time that you have used each skill you mentioned in your average life or your career.

Let’s say you were applying for a job at a digital agency. You will, of course, be talking about social media and how it can be used. You may have your own blog, and you can show how you used social media to increase traffic towards it. You can be a little economical with the truth here, stretching facts to make it better than it was.

Other Questions And Chances

Finally, try to remember that an interviewer is not trying to trip you up. They will consistently offer you chances to impress them in the form of questions. An employer will commonly ask why you want the job. You must take into account they have asked everyone before you the same and will ask everyone after you. There is no right answer to this question but be aware; they are looking for you to impress and surprise them. Do not under any circumstances go for the cliche answers of “It’s always been my dream” or “Your company is the best at….”

Take this advice and we are certain you will claim the next job you want. We wish you luck!