Lost Your Mojo? Sexual Health Woes For Men And How To Fix Them

It’s not something you might talk about with your pals very often. However, sexual health woes is something the majority of us have to deal with some point in time. Sometimes, we can’t get it up or summon any sexual desire even when we really want to. Other times, we suffer from a physical condition that makes it difficult or outright impossible to enjoy sex. Hopefully we can help you identify what’s ailing you and how to treat it.


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Low sex drive

The most common sort of sexual health issue in men and women is a low sex drive. There are all sorts of causes for this, long and short term. In many cases, it’s related to mental health. Stress or depression can kill that buzz long before it’s had a chance to start. In other cases, it can be due to overuse of things like cigarettes or alcohol.

Erectile dysfunction

Another common issue in men is the inability to perform when the time comes. It’s important to get the right erectile dysfunction information so you don’t confuse it for lacking libido. There are a lot of causes for erectile dysfunction, from mental to blood vessel damage. Viagra and other medications can be great for getting back in the game in the short term. For long term treatment, however, you should see a doctor.

Testosterone deficiency

Sexual health problems can have us develop insecurities about ‘not being man enough’. Testosterone deficiency proves that is has nothing to do with us as people, but can be outright out of our control. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency also include loss of hair and muscle mass. Male hormone therapy can be just what you need to sort it all out.


One of the more painful possibilities in obstructing sexual health. Priapism is the logical opposite of erectile dysfunction. That is, a consistent erection that you can’t get rid of. It might seem amusing, but it can painful and even dangerous if left untreated. If you’re unable to quell an erection, it’s recommended you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Often it needs the attention of a professional to divine the direct cause.

Premature ejaculation

Perhaps the most common physical sexual health problem related to men. Sometimes it’s not frequent enough to consider a ‘problem’. Most men have an experience of premature ejaculation at one point in their life at least. If you suffer from it more often, there are a lot of ways of treating it. The stop-and-start method is one way to immediately fight it whilst pleasing your partner.


Phimosis is another physical condition that can impede sex. Often caused by incorrect masturbation methods when young, it is when the foreskin is too tight to retract fully over the head of the penis. For those suffering with it, sex can seem like an impossibility and lead to all kinds of self-esteem issues. However, there is treatment. Sometimes it involves simply stretching the skin, other times you need to use a steroid cream. In worst case scenarios, a circumcision may be necessary.